Geek of the Week: Andrew Furze, Junior, Comp Sci

A standard dictionary defines a geek as a scientifically and technologically advanced person with social shortcomings. However, after perusing the college campus and hopelessly begging passers-by for an interview, I realized that a true geek is the social techie – the one who will agree to be interviewed. Meet Andrew Furze, the geek who is not a geek by definition.

[Oredigger] What’s your favorite thing about your major?
[Furze]Being able to take the simplest building blocks and create the code to do anything I want.

A homeless guy asks you a math question. What do you do?
If it’s a math question I can answer, I’ll answer it.

What do you like to do in your free time?
Play Xbox… Mess around on my new computer, or just hang out with my girlfriend.

What type of computer?
A new one I built.

How long did it take you to build it?
I’ve never done it before, so probably an hour and a half. Mostly because the manufacturer didn’t send me the screws I needed for the motherboard.

Call of Duty or World of Warcraft?
COD? Guess it depends which one.

Which COD is your favorite?
Modern Warfare 2.

What’s your favorite pick-up line, preferably nerdy?
Hey baby, I’d like to lie tangent to your curves.

Do you have any interesting nicknames?
My old roommate calls me “The Furze.” I don’t know why… because he decided to. My middle school gym teacher, who can’t read, called me ‘Furooze’ the first day of class.

What is your favorite nerdy joke?
A physicist, a chemist, and a mathematician are stuck on a desert island. They have an unlimited supply of canned food but no way to open the cans. The physicist decides he can climb up a palm tree and drop coconuts off it to hit with enough force to open a can. The chemist thinks he can create an acid to eat through the metal to open the cans. The mathematician says “assume a can opener.”

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