Letter to the Editor: Grinds my Gears response

You know what grinds my gears?
People hating on Lil Wayne.

Given this fact, I was rather perturbed to read Mr. Spark’s piece on the self-proclaimed “Best Rapper Alive” last week.

How can one support Justin Bieber’s right to live his life and then two weeks later censure Weezy for the choices that he makes in his life? I believe that such hating is not only hypocritical on the part of the hater, but also incredibly unjustified.
Lil Wayne is one of the biggest entertainers on the planet. His magnum opus, Tha Carter III, went platinum in less than a week after its release in 2008 in an age where purchasing music is far from the norm. His latest album, Tha Carter IV, came very close with just under a million copies sold in a week. Weezy has no shortage of money either. He cashed in when recording artists still made money, and his stock has only continued to increase his stock with a Gatorade commercial, multiple appearances on ESPN’s SportsCenter, and headlining tours. As far as numbers goes, nobody can beat Weezy.

The biggest thing that makes Lil Wayne such a gripping entertainer though is that he refuses to conform. He is a unique individual that refuses to let anyone influence his muse. His songs are revolutionary. Who else can make a song disguising fellatio under the innuendo of enjoying a lollipop go to number one on the BillBoard charts? No one else can do what Lil Wayne can do because he is unique and enraptures his audience with his work. No one forces the people of the world to listen to Lil Tunechi. They do it because they want to and because Lil Wayne has the talent to combine hard work, creativity, the story of his life, and maybe a little bit of purple drank to captivate his listeners.

Nothing has been given to Lil Wayne, and he has been so prodigiously popular for such a long time because people want what he has to offer. Are all of his songs amazing? Not quite. Does he have diamonds instead of real teeth and is his genitalia more of a breeding ground for venereal diseases than a hot tub at a frat house? Yes to both. Nonetheless, he is an incredible entertainer that connects with his audience by doing what he does best, which is being himself. I don’t know what Lil Wayne will do next, but I do know that it will be something pushing the boundaries of human creativity and that people will pay attention. I thank you Lil Wayne. Thank you for spitting on the world of the mundane and embracing what this country is all about.

Weezy F Baby. And the F is for freedom.

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