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Mind at Mines: Snow day snowfall?

Students know that CSM is a very academically intense school. With few days off and classes even on Labor Day, it is very likely that students will have class every time it is scheduled. During snowy months, however, every storm brings hope of that elusive day off. It may take a miracle snowfall for classes to be cancelled, but with the unpredictability of weather in Colorado, any snow storm could be the one. To get a perspective on just what needs to happen for classes to be cancelled, Minds at Mines asks, “How much does snow is necessary for a snow day at Mines?”

Josh Ratliff
“Two feet. CDOT is just too good. They spray the roads before the big storms arrive and all of the snow melts before it can pile up.”

James Nunley James Nunley
“It would have to snow 4-5 feet over two days or maybe 8 to 12 inches in a few hours. Being closer to the mountains, they are used to the snow here and don’t let anyone out of going to school. Also, the snow removal is very good.”

Mitchell Thompson
“It doesn’t depend so much on how much it snows, but rather what that snow does to the roads. If I had to give a number, I would say anything over pi feet should be a day off.”
Mitchell Thompson

Ben Johnson Ben Johnson
“There has to be enough snow for the yetis to come down from the mountains. Once they’re on campus, there is no way it would be safe to be here, and school would have to be cancelled.”

Pete Roach
“Because we do not get Labor day off, as well as many other holidays, we should get a snow day any time it snows. When it snows, classes should be replaced by snow fort engineering.”
Pete Roach

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