Minds at Mines: Fall

In October when the leaves like the temperature begin to drop, it is clear that fall has arrived. Whether it is the MLB playoffs, Halloween, or simply the change in weather, fall is always a season packed with excitement. The chance of snow, mixed with the occasional last gasps of summer heat, make the beginning of fall at Mines an especially magical time of year. To gain a student perspective on the change of season, Minds at Mines asks, “What is the best part about October and the beginning of Fall and what are you looking forward to as the season progresses?”

Andre Wolff
“I enjoy the leaves changing colors and wearing jackets. I am looking forward to lots of candy during Halloween.”

web-Trevor-Crane Trevor Crane
“The best part about October is the football. Apart from that it’s usually cold and full of tests. I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving because there is football then, too.”

Kelly Whittlesey
“Fall means the start to ski season and crunching leaves. As the season goes on and the snow comes, I can start ski racing.”

web-Staci-Mueller Staci Mueller
“It’s cooler, and the leaves change. Whenever I think of fall, I think of ‘No-shave November.’ The guys all grow out their beards, and it is sad that it’s getting closer. I am looking forward to skiing and winter break.”

Aaron Mohl
“I like fall because all of the kids are back in school. I can do things during the day without dealing with them. Going to the pumpkin patch with my son will be a highlight of October.”

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