Minds at Mines – Halloween

Ask any young child what his or her favorite holiday is, and Halloween will often be the answer. For children, Halloween provides an opportunity to dress up, stay out late, and raid the neighborhood for candy. As college students, trick-or-treating is off limits, but memories of nights spent collecting and eating candy remain. Anyone who has trick-or-treated remembers his or her favorite costume, favorite candy, or the one house that needed to liquidate its sweets supply and dropped half of a bowl of candy into a waiting pillowcase. In the spirit of Halloween, and in those houses that let trick-or-treaters pick their favorite treats, this week, Minds at Mines has two delicious, individually wrapped questions. “What is your favorite Halloween candy, and why?” or “What is your favorite memory of Halloween?”

Eric Earley
I will eat anything covered in chocolate as long as it is approved by the FDA. Chocolate covered almonds are a yes, but chocolate covered scorpions are a no.
web-Kodi-Hildebrandt Kodi Hildebrandt
My favorite memory is attending the CRU Halloween root beer kegger during my freshman year. I remember it being a lot of fun, and I met a lot of people there that I am still friends with today.
Elijah Thomas
I like the little Reese’s peanut butter cups. Peanut butter and chocolate are a great combination. The cups are wrapped by themselves and you can eat them in one bite.
web-Kevyn-Young Kevyn Young
My favorite candy is Three Musketeers, but only if they are frozen. Instead of being soft, the inside is hard. Biting into a frozen Three Musketeers has a satisfying crunch you just don’t get at room temperature.
Jacob Vigil
My favorite Halloween candies are Mary Janes. It’s a peanut butter taffy with peanut butter inside. I also really like caramel apple pops. They are a close second.

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