What happened to respect?

There seems to be a massive disconnect between certain instructors at this school and the eager minds they have been given the task of teaching. I speak of the apparent lack of understanding on the part of the teachers of the incredible workload imposed on students. Yes, I understand that this is a hard school and that students are expected to work themselves half to death to graduate with even a decent GPA, but could teachers at least have a little respect for how hard it really is? I am not asking for less work. I am not asking for easier tests, shorter homework sets, or fewer tests. What I am asking is that the teaching faculty at this school recognize that students have it really tough sometimes, and rather than insult our intelligence by insinuating that students just do not believe them when they say something, rather realize that they probably forgot.

Last week I took a lab exam. This exam was fairly straightforward, and I did well. However, I was livid when I received an email from the instructor, stating that “apparently some of you did not believe me when I said I would take off points if you…” How dare you, sir? How dare you insult us by insinuating that we really did not believe you when you said something? Do you really think we are that stupid? Maybe the school that awarded your degree did not actually require you to work hard, but Mines requires everything we can muster. We understand you do not relate to us, but please do not insult our intelligence. This school leaves our brains absolutely fried, and we probably just forgot whatever you told us.

I would like to offer a word to the teaching faculty at this illustrious school. We, the students, are here to earn high-power degrees, and we understand how hard we have to work to be worthy of those degrees. We are the future leaders of the nation and the world, and you would do well to instill in us a desire to work with those who do not think like us. Rather than insulting our intelligence by insinuating that we do not actually take you at your word, perhaps bear in mind that we have more work to do than the average Joe, and probably forgot what you told us.

We mean no disrespect, we really are trying, and we really do want to do well. College is hard, and we are growing up and learning to be adults while having our brains shot to pieces by your knowledge of whatever subject you are teaching. You could at least respect that.

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