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Successful interviewing tips

Every student knows that a good interview is critical in landing a quality job. Joleen Stanczyk, Human Resource consultant for Verizon Wireless, visited Mines this past week offering crucial interviewing advice to students.
The interviewing process, as seen by Stanczyk, consists of three important pieces – the pre-interview, the purpose of the interview, and the actual interview itself.

Movie Review: Beginners

When “Beginners” was released this June, it was not seen on very many theater screens. It was only released in about 100 theaters and did not last that long in any of them. Because it was not in many theaters, most people only recently saw the movie when it made its debut online and on DVD. Expectations were high, as most critics had shined the movie with praise, and while it was entertaining enough, after such a long wait, it left something to be desired.

Rambling observations in job pursuit

Mines students are often incredibly qualified for the internships and jobs they want to pursue during and after their time at school. However, the nerve-wracking process of interviewing for such positions can throw students for a loop, causing them to make mistakes and even costing them the position.


Minds at Mines – Golden Eats

Attending Mines means not always having enough time to cook a meal. Fortunately, Golden and the surrounding area is full of restaurants, many of which are very popular among students. Whether it be to study, pick up a tasty snack, or eat dinner, every student has a favorite place to dine out. For some suggestions as to where to go, this week, Minds at Mines asks, “What is your favorite place to eat in the Golden area?”

Occupy the World

According to their official website, the Occupy Movement’s uniting quality is the belief that they are “the 99% that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%.” Their protesters feel that the 1% have wronged them and are keeping the jobs away from them and so they must send a message to the elite.

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