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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim review

As my body sailed across the room from the one-hit kill, I reflected on how much time I had spent on this one boss and how much time I had spent on this game already. Make no mistake, Skyrim is a time sink like no other, but you will be too busy trying to kill dragons to care.

Skryim, the successor to Oblivion, and Morrowind before it, is a real-time RPG. Your left and right mouse buttons are bound to your (opposing) hands and you swing, draw your bow, block, cast a spell, etc. by clicking for the hand you wish to do an action with. This means battles become much more dynamic, as you attack, defend, and dodge based on the positioning of you and your enemy in the game world.

Scientific discoveries this week: 11-14-11

Santa Cruz, California – Astronomers have discovered what they believe is further proof of the big bang theory. The astronomers, from the University of Santa Cruz in Santa Cruz, California, have discovered a cloud of hydrogen and deuterium out in space, which they say is what would have existed in the early days after the big bang. As a result of the Big Bang, large clouds of hydrogen would have circulated, which in turn would develop into other elements and eventually metals. This hydrogen cloud is composed of “virgin” hydrogen, meaning it never produced any star material. If this cloud had produced star material, the astronomers would have seen oxygen and carbon instead, heavier elements produced through nuclear fusion.

The Football Informant- A giant falls into deepest darkness

This week in college football was exhilarating in every sense of the word, filled with spectacular plays and thrilling matches as well as a titanic shakeup at the top of the standings. An incredible eight games involving ranked teams were decided by three points or fewer. There were statement games and pesky underdogs, frantic comebacks, and several instances in which Arkansas skill players flagrantly violated several laws of physics. In short, it was a beautiful weekend of football, and it could have been remembered as one of the greater fall Saturdays in recent memory. If only.


Minds at Mines: Maple Plaza Bikes

With construction on Maple Plaza coming to a close, the issue of bike riding on the new campus thoroughfare has become a hot topic. In a recent interview with “The Oredigger,” Chief of Police George Hughes explained that bike riding is not allowed on the plaza and that riders must dismount once they reach its boundaries. To gauge whether or not students agree with the restriction on bicycle riding, Minds at Minds asks, “Should bikes be allowed on the new campus walkways? Why or why not?”

Locked out in the cold

The other day I walked up to Brown Building to do some homework. The time was about 9:45 PM on Tuesday night. When I got there, I expected to just walk right in and hopefully snag a study room or a table. To my shock and disbelief, the door was locked. No worries, I will just try the others, maybe one of the custodians just mistakenly locked the door. To my further dismay and unhappiness, all the doors were locked. “What is this crap,” I thought to myself. “Why is an academic building locked down on a weeknight?” Thinking it was just a fluke, I went to CTLM to study, thinking that just having a desk would be adequate for the night. Not ideal, but it will work.

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