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Geek of the Week: Ben Musson, Senior, Electrical

As students at this school know, life at Mines can be, at times, just a little bit difficult. Occasionally, the workload around here can cause people, especially freshmen and sophomores, to question whether it is possible to actually make it through the school. Luckily, there are people like the Electrical Engineering super-senior Ben Musson to remind the rest of the population that as rough as life at Mines is, it’s not impossible and it is worth the time and effort it takes.

College basketball opening weekend

Sports are in a mess right now. The most popular stories on ESPN have more to do with off-the-court or off-the-field drama than actual game day scores. The NBA isn’t even going to have a season. Conference realignment in college sports has been entirely dictated by money without any regard to tradition. Rivalries are dying. Recruitment rules are becoming so numerous and strict that its no longer a question of if a school violated them but instead if they actually knew they were doing it. Sports as a whole seem to be going through somewhat of a slump, but then last week, the start of the college basketball season brought new hope to sports fans across the country.


Athlete of the Week: Bumni Adetutu, Senior, Football

In 2005, just two years after CSM standout quarterback Chad Friehauf finished his Oredigger career, the Mines football team finished 2-6 in RMAC play. The future was up in the air for a team that was rebuilding and had lost a leader and icon. But the next year, the incoming freshman class included current seniors Clay Garcia, Alex Vigil, Josh Ruff, and several linemen on both sides of the ball who have anchored the last five winning seasons. While Garcia, Vigil, and Ruff’s hard work is visible on the statistic sheet, the work of another member of that class, cornerback Bunmi Adetutu, often goes unnoticed.

The Football Informant: Some men just want to watch the world burn

After a slow start, the world of college football has fallen into chaos once again. It is a beautiful thing to see, an insane free-for-all that, for better or worse, is only possible in NCAA football. Every non-SEC team in the top 7 of the BCS rankings lost this week, and the national title picture has been shrunk as Oklahoma and Oregon have been eliminated beyond doubt. Realistically, barring a stunning upset by Auburn (vs. Alabama) or Georgia (in the SEC Title Game), no team outside of the SEC West has any shot at even reaching the BCS Championship Game in New Orleans. This week, the rankings will be capped by LSU, Alabama, and Arkansas. The Razorbacks have roared from nowhere and now control their own destiny for a national championship—but perhaps not for the SEC West. All Texas A&M fans looking at the rankings this week could be forgiven for wondering what the hell they were thinking by moving to the AFC…er, SEC West.


Minds at Mines – Thanksgiving

As the end of November draws closer, it brings with it Thanksgiving and the beginning of the holiday season. Thanksgiving is and has been a time to connect with family and friends and give thanks for all of the things we have. Recently, shopping and football have made their way into the Thanksgiving tradition, but the core values remain the same. Whether it be the food, the football, or the Black Friday sales, Thanksgiving is a joyous holiday and certainly a highlight of an otherwise dull month. In the spirit of connecting with others, Minds at Minds asks, “What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving?”

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