Community Spotlight: Higher Grounds Café

At the corner of 14th and Arapahoe, a crowded little coffee shop serves up mochas and cappuccinos. On any given day, Higher Grounds Café is sure to have two or three Mines students, perhaps even a professor, sipping their drinks and catching up on recent happenings. With its friendly baristas and great atmosphere, it is no wonder Higher Grounds is a student favorite.

Upon entering, the bright yellow and red seat covers are the first things that catch the eye. The counter in the back of the shop is cluttered with pastry shelves, biscotti, and boxes of tea. One wall is lined with fridges full of bottled beverages, from energy drinks to fruit juice. The other wall is lined with outlets, the perfect place to sit down with a laptop and use the free wi-fi. The cutout ceiling is painted with murals of individuals sitting in coffee shop settings. A community bulletin board and various paintings take up the rest of the wall space. The seating is well-lit and comfortable – a great place to do homework.

Higher Grounds makes every coffee imaginable, and serves breakfast too. They have a variety of pastries, breakfast burritos, and smoothies. Salads are available for lunch. When a coffee is ordered in-house, it is served in a ceramic mug, making it feel a little bit like home. With the weather getting colder, Higher Grounds is the perfect place to order coffee, warm hands, and enjoy conversation with friends.

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