Community Spotlight: Noa-Noa Espresso and News

College students often have limited money, and frequently only purchase the bare essentials, which traditionally includes coffee. Golden, therefore, has many cafés to cater to this need, but one that stands out for its fair prices and great service is Noa-Noa Espresso and News.

In the shopping center at the intersection of Washington Avenue and Highway 93, this cozy coffee shop serves up cappuccinos and local news. Noa-Noa has a wide variety of coffees, teas, and other drinks. Each drink, even a cup of black coffee, is made to order. In addition to drinks, the café also serves up breakfast, which includes a plethora of pastries and delicious breakfast burritos. As the name suggests, it also has a newsstand located in the shop, which carries local newspapers such as the “Denver Post.”

The inside of Noa-Noa features comfortable couches for lounging and tables for sitting where patrons can play cards or work puzzles. The café is the perfect place to study or relax, as sunshine streams through the windows and soft rock plays in the background.

One of the unique things about this shop is that every month, a different local artist is featured on the walls. Multiple paintings hang on each wall, advertising the work of Golden artists. The outside is filled with patio tables and chairs, and has a wonderful view of the northern part of Golden.

Noa-Noa has the same owners as 5th Ring Coffee House at the southern end of Ford Street. With fairly-priced coffee and free wi-fi, Noa-Noa Espresso and News is definitely worth a visit.

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