Inheritance continues Eragon universe

When Eragon first appeared on store shelves in 2003, it was an instant hit among fantasy novel fans. It brought about a revolution in the way dragons were portrayed in literature. Instead of being evil, dragons could be on the side of good.

Eragon, the protagonist, was just a simple farm boy until he met Saphira, the last female dragon in all of Alagaesia. Saphira and Eragon “bonded,” making him her rider. This bonding, however, throws Eragon into a myriad of dangerous foes and various challenges that he must overcome.

Through the first three books, “Eragon,” “Eldest,” and “Brisingr,” Eragon learns about Galbatorix’s destruction of the dragons and Eragon’s family. By “Inheritance,” the fourth and final book of the Inheritance Cycle, Eragon’s goal is to destroy Galbatorix and finally bring peace to all of Alagaesia. With this series, Christopher Paolini has rocked the fantasy world with his imagination and his twist on a familiar plot, which culminate in “Inheritance.”

As readers of the series will remember, Brisingr ended with many loose ends. How would Eragon counteract the power of the Eldunari? What would be the fate of the Dragons? What is the Rock of Kuthian? Paolini wraps up all of these loose ends and ends the book in a manner that will satisfy the readers.

The novel proves to be difficult to put down as Eragon struggles to bring peace to Alagaesia. It is filled with action, and the few parts where war is not occurring are used to effectively and quickly further the plot.

A fascinating tale in its own right, the plot of the Inheritance Cycle also offers an interesting twist on the plot of Star Wars. Paolini took the science fiction movie plot, and transformed it to his own purposes. This final novel showed how closely Paolini followed the Star Wars plot, but thankfully, Paolini changed the plot enough that, though it may remind readers of the film, the Inheritance Cycle stands on its own.

“Inheritance” is an amazing read and is of perfect length to occupy a Winter Break. Due to the engaging story of a farmer boy turned Dragon Rider, along with the ultimate triumph of good over evil, “Inheritance” receives nine out of ten werecat prophecies.

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