Minds at Mines: Maple Plaza Bikes

With construction on Maple Plaza coming to a close, the issue of bike riding on the new campus thoroughfare has become a hot topic. In a recent interview with “The Oredigger,” Chief of Police George Hughes explained that bike riding is not allowed on the plaza and that riders must dismount once they reach its boundaries. To gauge whether or not students agree with the restriction on bicycle riding, Minds at Minds asks, “Should bikes be allowed on the new campus walkways? Why or why not?”

Troy Neal
“Bikes should not be allowed because they are a safety hazard. Bikes are too quiet, not maneuverable enough, and move too quickly to be safe on the campus walkways.”

web-Paul-Holcomb Paul Holcomb
“I see no reason why not to allow bikes on the walkways. They are wide enough for anyone who wants to use them.”

Collin Butler
“Bikes need to say on the street and not on the walkways. They are vehicles and should abide by the rules of the road. Bikers don’t respect the right-of-way of pedestrians on campus.”

web-James-Trumble James Trumble
“Biking is a fast and efficient way to get between classes on campus. As long as bikers remain careful and watch out, they should be allowed throughout campus.”

Matt Buland
“The new area is very large, which makes it different from other walkways on campus such as the one near the CTLM. I haven’t seen many problems by the CTLM, so I don’t think there is much of a problem by Brown and the student center.”

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