Minds at Mines – Thanksgiving

As the end of November draws closer, it brings with it Thanksgiving and the beginning of the holiday season. Thanksgiving is and has been a time to connect with family and friends and give thanks for all of the things we have. Recently, shopping and football have made their way into the Thanksgiving tradition, but the core values remain the same. Whether it be the food, the football, or the Black Friday sales, Thanksgiving is a joyous holiday and certainly a highlight of an otherwise dull month. In the spirit of connecting with others, Minds at Minds asks, “What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving?”

Tim Grogan
“My favorite part is the time off from school and being able to visit my family. I also enjoy the food – especially my mom’s green bean casserole.”

Antonia-McMullan Antonia McMullan
“About Thanksgiving, I like how we come together to celebrate each other. The smells of the holiday bring back memories. Whenever I smell chopped green onions, it reminds me of cooking Thanksgiving food.”

Tyler King
“I like the food the most. Turkey and stuffing are my favorites. It is also nice to be with family.”
Melissa-An Melissa An
“I like the ‘Pie Day’ that we have at the career center on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Last year, I went home with three whole pies.”

Ryan Borden
“I don’t have to go to class, and I get to experience awkward moments with my family. And cranberry sauce.”

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