Mines to offer 400-Level LAIS course on “Artistic Complaint”

This fall’s registration period was a headache for many students at the Colorado School of Mines, due to the abysmal lack of 400-level LAIS courses that Juniors and Seniors actually want to take.

Per usual, Science in Literature and Film Studies filled rapidly, Leading to many Facebook posts whining about how stupid our Liberal Arts and International Studies department is for not having enough space for every senior at this school.

In response to the belligerent outcry, Tuniz Righton, one of the associate professors in the department, has announced a new class 400-level course which will be open to all majors and years. The course, Artistic Complaint, will take a holistic look at how to artfully express your distaste for any particular subject, event, or entity. This course will be an in-depth study of how the art of complaining has evolved over the centuries and how modern practitioners of the art have brought complaint to a new level.

Some have asked why Mines students need a class on complaining, because it seems as thought they do it well already. “This is just stupid,” said one student. “Why do we need a class on how to complain? Every single person I’ve met at this school complains all the freaking time. We must be experts by now.”

The reality is that most Mines students suck at complaining. “I have noticed a great lack in artful, well thought-out complaint within the student body here at Mines.” said Righton. “What they need is a comprehensive examination of what makes a good complaint. “They have the quantity, but it is of dismal quality, if I am honest.”

Part of the coursework will involve a project in which each student must write an artful complaint to the course instructor, explaining how horrible and disgusting the class is. They must do it “artfully,” so it cannot be a blind, mush-mouthed, flabby whine about the class. It must be thoughtful, use proper words and terms, and be eloquent in chiding the instructor. “We feel that this class will raise the collective quality of the complaining culture here at Mines” said Man Dillard, the LAIS department head. “The disturbing lack of thoughtful, creative complaint here must be remedied, and I think we can do that with this class.”

In an effort to make Artistic Complaint a well-attended class, the total class enrollment will be capped at 670.

Films and discussion will be held in Bunker auditorium, with complaint sessions held in Lockridge arena.

Interested students are encouraged to read up on some of the great complainers, as well as watch speeches by politicians and the president, to get a good idea for what artful complaint looks like.

The class will open up for fall 2012 enrollment.

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