Movie Review: Paranormal Activity 3

What cannot be seen cannot be dangerous, right? If “Paranormal Activity 3” is to believed, what cannot be seen can kill.

Imaginary friends are a normal part of childhood. It is no wonder then that Julie (Lauren Bittner) was not initially concerned when her youngest daughter began talking to thin air.

Soon, however, Julie’s boyfriend Dennis (Christopher Nicholas Smith) begins to catch strange events occurring around the house. As he realizes that this imaginary friend is actually a ghost, Dennis sets up his cameras to record every odd detail that occurs.
While watching the tape, he realizes that not only does a ghost exist, but it is getting more and more violent. At first, the ghost’s antics are harmless. It shakes a few lamps and opens a few doors but does not try to harm anyone.

The whole story changes, though, when Julie’s eldest daughter and one of Dennis’ assistants decide to play “Bloody Mary.” The assistant ends up with a 12-inch-long cut along his chest, and when he opens the door, furniture in the other room is being thrown about by some unobservable being.

Shortly after this, Julie decides it is best to get out of the house and head for safety. She chooses to take the girls to her mother’s house but the spirit follows them and commits acts of physical harm.

This movie is like the other two “Paranormal Activities.” Those who want it to be scary can be scared. Those who do not want it to be scary can laugh at the reactions of others. Sadly, like the others, the director takes too long to develop the plot and ends up with little time to truly horrify the audience. Due to a lack of scare, this movie receives only two out of five “Bloody Mary” chants.

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