Online piracy act New-speak

Stop Online Piracy Act was write by Comrade Lamar Smith and American Inner Party, thought by some as Congress, is talk about making it Truth. Law is Truth. Crimethinkers and crimespeakers have lived in Internet for big time, and now the Party tries to disappear them. Net places Google, Facebook, Youtube, Wikipedia, others now need watch crimespeak on sites and disappear it. Crimethinkers will be sent to Ministry of Love if they still write crimespeak on Net. American Net policy will be made same with our comrades in China and Iran. Is plus good that crimethinkers must obey Party and its Truth. Law is Truth. Party is Law.

Crimethinkers and enemies disobey Truth and claim “freedom” from Party. Is hatespeak. They speak “rights” and “anonymity” and they are enemies of Party and Business. Is doubleplusbad hatespeak. Stop Online Piracy Act is help Business to disappear stealers who unhelp Business and give Business Speak and Party Speak on Net. Disobedience is death. Crimethinkers are enemies. Law is Truth.

Inner Party will pass Act in small time. RepCrat leaders speak together that Act will be Truth. Enemies and crimethinkers will be disappear. Oneness will be victoryful, and Party will destroy enemies of State. Remember Big Brother is watching you, and Big Brother now will watch Net. Crimethink is untruth. Law is Truth. Party is Law. Hate is love. Slave is free. Obey.

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