Volleyball finishes season with 19-11 record

With last week’s loss to Metro St. in the RMAC quarterfinal playoffs, there was the potential that the Lady Orediggers would be done playing volleyball for 2011. Thankfully, on Sunday Nov. 13, the NCAA announced that the Orediggers would be able to play in the national tournament. CSM earned the 8th seed and were scheduled to face off against #1 ranked Nebraska Kearney at Kearney.

To start off the first game, CSM managed to take a commanding lead of 20-11 over UNK, by capitalizing on Kearney’s mistakes. Nebraska was able to turn it around and make a comeback, however, when Mines began struggling. Kearney was able to take advantage of these struggles and bring the score to 24-24. Mines’ Jackie Stabell was able to earn two kills to win the game 26-24.

The second game was much closer than the first. Both teams fought hard and stayed within a few points of each other all the way up to 22-21. At this point Mines was able to take command and win 25-21 with the winning point coming from a kill by Stabell.

The third game proved much like the second with both teams fighting until the very end. The game was tied nine times, and Kearney was barely able to get out the win 27-25.

In the fourth game Kearney took the lead early and kept it, CSM fought hard but was only able to bring the score to 20-25.

The fifth game proved to be Mine’s best. Mine’s took the lead 3-2 when when Amanda Massey, and Melanie Wannamaker were able to block a hit by Kearney. From then on, the Orediggers had the lead and were able to win the game and the match 15-11, with the final kill coming from Stabell.

This upset was only Kearney’s second loss of the season, with their first also coming from Mines. The loss ended Kearney’s tournament hopes and CSM was able to move into the second round.

On Friday in the second round versus Southwest Minnesota State, Mines did not fair so well.

The lady Orediggers lost in four games, winning only the first. The scores were 25-22, 16-25, 22-25 and 17-25. This loss proved to be the end of the season for Mines volleyball.

They finished the season with a 19-11 overall record, and the claim to being the only team to defeat Nebraska Kearney, which they did twice.

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