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This Week in Colorado History: Mailing, Murder, and Merriment

Golden Postmaster Ed Dennis reminded the public of the postal service’s policies in light of the holiday season this week in 1923. Dennis and the post office recommended local mail be sent no later than December 22 for Christmas delivery. Mail traveling less than a day’s journey needed to be sent no later than December 21, with mail going two days away sent by December 18, three days on December 16, and anything farther than that on December 14.

The Ides of March Review

It is not a particularly shocking concept that politics in this country consists of corrupt individuals continually sacrificing principals in order to get ahead in the polls. It is also not an entirely original idea to focus on the people behind the scenes. Perhaps this is why even the most shocking revelations in “The Ides of March” feel a bit trite. Everything from the protagonist’s journey from idealism to cynicism to the compromising politics of both sides, seems like a path that is all too familiar to the audience.


Geek of the Week: Chelsea Keene, Junior, Biochemistry

It is that time of year again, when students on other campuses start dreaming of breaks and treasured holiday traditions and scholars at Mines start bracing themselves for the inevitable, much-dreaded finals. Due to the stress, students tend to walk around looking worn out and drained. Chelsea Keene, a junior in Biochemistry, provides an interesting contrast to the general dismal student demeanor by running around with an abundance of energy, humor, and sarcasm despite the impending doom of the upcoming tests.


Game Review: Minecraft 1.0

You arrive on a deserted shoreline, penniless and alone. You must make a life in a hostile new land, with only the strength of your hands and the creativity of your imagination. You will explore a region of vast contrast with endless forests, inhospitable deserts, enormous mountain ranges, and hazardous underground caverns. You must survive the ravages of the many things that go bump in the night. This is the world of Minecraft, a world where truly anything is possible.


Cooking Corner: Tasty British Scones

Eating a healthy breakfast is essential to a healthy life. College students often skip this meal – no time, too lazy to get up – you know the deal. This recipe is simple, easy, and you will have enough scones to last you about a week. You will need an oven to cook, so the dorm room will not work. Find a friend with an oven (cough mines park cough) and you are golden (pun intended).


A taste of Christmas around the World

The holidays bring people closer together in the spirit of peace and goodwill. This past Friday, December 2, and Saturday, December 3, the First Baptist Church of Golden chose to enhance this spirit of togetherness through an event known as “A Taste of Christmas Around the World.” As College Pastor Ben Makuh explained, “Taste of Christmas is essentially an opportunity for Golden residents and visitors to see how people celebrate Christmas in other cultures.”


Minds at Mines – Winter Break

With the end of the fall semester rapidly approaching and finals just a week away, perhaps the only thoughts keeping students focused are those about the three weeks of winter break. After high pressure tests, time off is both necessary and well deserved. Winter break provides opportunities for travel as well as rest and relaxation…

Breaks? Who needs ‘Em!

With Thanksgiving break in the rear view mirror and Christmas break fast approaching, I’m reminded of all the great times I’ve had on school breaks in the past. Oh, the bliss of it all. Free from homework, free from tests, free from the overriding feeling of doom that accompanies any semester at Mines. Then reality smacks me upside the head and I remember that I’m at Mines. We don’t get breaks. Sure, the registrar and our professors call them breaks, but in the very same sentence they tell us that we have a homework assignment due the day after break, or a paper, or a presentation, or a… you name it. The point is, the concept of a “break” apparently escapes the grasp of most of the the faculty here at the prestigious Colorado School of Mines.
I realize that we’re supposed to be the best and, but do we really need to blow our brains out constantly for the entire semester, with no real breaks from the burdens of school? Sure, we get breaks from classes, but that just means we can stay in our apartments or dorms while we cry over how hard a stupid assignment is.

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