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Weekly sports recap: 1-23-12

January 18
Wrestling – #20 CSU-Pueblo 20, Mines 15 – Mines was able to earn just as many victories as the T-Wolves, but two major decisions allowed CSU-Pueblo to sneak past Mines for the win in the dual meet. Chad Lousberg, Steven Kelly, Jordan Larsen, Alec Bird, and Robert Tucker each earned decisions for Mines in the loss.


Mines students learn about service and sustainability abroad

“Some people are living to enjoy life. These people are living to survive.” These words greeted a group of Mines students studying rural development in northwestern Honduras not two weeks ago. While most other students enjoyed the last week of their winter break, these students experienced poverty in Central America and returned home having learned both tangible skills and important life lessons, just before their Spring semester classes would begin.

Alara: Chapter 1




Chloe woke to waves slapping against her legs. Although a gentle breeze swept over her, the air was cold and stirred the nerves swelling in her stomach. Ignoring the goose bumps that prickled her arms, Chloe pushed herself to her feet and shook the clumps of sand from her many-layered skirts. The night sky was pitch black, save for two stars twinkling directly overhead and the moon, which cast an eerie glow over the white sand. Behind her, the beach yielded to soil. Beyond that emerged these massive things (trees, this memory called them). Huddling close together, the moonlight penetrated a few feet before being consumed by the darkness.

This Week in Colorado History: New year, new legislation

This week in 1915, “The Colorado Transcript” reported on two bills introduced in the state legislature pertaining to the Colorado School of Mines. The first established a chair of Highway Engineering position and “a short course in the construction and care of highways in connection with such chair.” This course was to be for engineers, road foreman, and anyone who built or maintained highways in Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Utah, or New Mexico so that good roads would fill Colorado and continue across state lines. The second bill appropriated $20,000 “for the further equipment and operation of the experimental ore dressing and metallurgical plant at the Colorado School of Mines,” effective immediately.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy: Complex, deep, intellectual, confusing

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (TTSS), a movie as complicated as its name, lives up to be a very complex and intelligent spy thriller. Unlike other popular British spy movies, TTSS lacks the secret gadgets, explosions, and other theatrical tricks and instead is purely based upon realistic spy actions. This movie, currently in theaters, is based in the 1970s Cold War era when spies for the United Kingdom were attempting to infiltrate the Russian intelligence agencies, just as the Russians were trying to return the favor. TTSS follows the life of George Smiley, a retired secret agent, as he attempts to uncover a mole that has been hiding in the upper workings of MI6.

Movie Review: In Time

Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried join together in this sci-fi thriller where time is literally money. Director Andrew Niccol creates a future in which a glowing digital clock is emblazoned on everyone’s lower arm. In this world, each person stops aging at 25 years old and is given one year to live unless he or she buys, steals, or cheats his or her way into more time.


Geek of the Week: Carol Skelton, Sophomore, Environmental Engineering

Some geeks spend their time solving complex math equations, immersing themselves in some complicated video game, rolling dice to see if they can kill an imaginary dragon, or just hanging out and watching nerdy shows on TV. Others enjoy less stereotypical activities, such as long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, or perhaps even expressing some artistic creativity. Sophomore Carol Skelton, an Environmental Engineer and this week’s Geek of the Week manages to land herself squarely in both categories.

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