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Alara: Chapter 2

Every bone in Chloe’s body felt as if it lost a battle with a power drill. As her mind swam up from the darkness, the pain hit with a sudden force that knocked the breath clean out of her. She was laying in the middle of an empty street with blazing chunks of metal raining from the sky, littering the streets along with piles of broken glass and building rubble. Somewhere to her left, an explosion shook the ground, covering her in slightly burning debris.

“Impossible.” She tried to stand but found her legs pinned beneath several chunks of rubble. No matter how furiously she pulled and tugged, there was no budging her legs. A low growl broke the burning silence, followed by a sudden crash. Glancing over her shoulder, Chloe caught a glimpse of the creature as it emerged calmly from a wall of flames.

Movie Review: Young Adult

“Young Adult” is a movie about a seriously messed up writer (Charlize Theron) who comes back to her hometown to steal back her now happily-married high school sweetheart (Patrick Wilson). Theron plays tragic heroine Mavis Gay, who alienates the audiences with her antics. The story follows Gay, an aging, divorced, alcoholic writer of young adult fiction, as she travels back to the town where she was crowned prom queen.

This Week in Colorado History: Avian Controversy

The local humane society ordered the arrest of A. B. Daniels for shooting live pigeons in the fall of 1899. However, the Humane Society’s victory did not last long, and shortly thereafter, the Denver Rifle club returned to their habit of shooting live pigeons on their course. According to “The Colorado Transcript,” “This was looked upon as open acknowledgement of the final defeat of the society.”


Geek of the Week: Ryan Marshall, Junior, MME

Some are born geeky, some achieve geekiness, and some have geekery thrust upon them. Those of us who roam the halls and walkways of Mines generally fit into at least one of these categories. Junior Ryan Marshall may just fit into all three of these categories. He has been spotted snapping pictures at campus sporting events, mastering the art of steering wheel drumming as he blasts heavy metal in his car, and raising his eyebrow at things which intrigue or confuse him. This week he managed to find time to give “The Oredigger” a unique glimpse into the life of a Metallurgical Engineer.

Cooking Corner: Chicken Enchiladas

When the craving for Mexican food hits, it can be expensive to eat out. With this simple, easy recipe for chicken enchiladas, the same dish can be made for the total price of $4-5 dollars per person. Do not be fooled by the Anaheim chilies; once cooked, they make a sweeter topping than most peppers.

Music Review: Amy Winehouse, Lioness: Hidden Treasures review

When Amy Winehouse’s voice first makes its debut on opener “Our Day Will Come,” one cannot help but be pulled in. After Winehouse’s death, her record company released an album with miscellaneous recordings of her they accumulated over the years.
“Our Day Will Come” is probably the best song on the album, and at times it might even making you forget that she is gone. The next song, though, “Between the Cheats” is underwhelming. It struggles to find a cohesive sound, which results in a somewhat chaotic listening experience. On “The Girl from Ipanema” Winehouse loses some of her charm and sounds almost unoriginal. “Half Time” is a good listen and sounds more like songs from “Back to Black,” but it is nowhere near as charming or witty as the best songs from that album. “Like Smoke” is a valiant effort to provide a modern slant on her classic voice. Her cover of “Valerie” though, surprisingly hosts the records most impressive vocal performance. It reminds listeners of all the things they loved about Winehouse.

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