Minds at Mines: Back to school

When winter break ends and students return to school, they are forced to adjust. Gone are the days of sleeping in and relaxation. They are replaced by alarm clocks, short nights filled with homework, and the nagging feeling that anything said in class could show up on a test. Readjusting to the rigors of school can often be an unpleasant experience, so to see which part of coming back to Mines students dislike the most, Minds at Mines asks, “What is your least favorite part about returning to school from winter break?”

Aaron Gunzner
“The initial inundation of new classes and accompanying textbook-buying and homework formatting. Realizing that there were games other people found that you did not play over the break.”

Alex-Rennemann Alex Rennemann
“I dislike having to get up in the morning to prepare for class. Also, have to get up simply to find a parking spot is another annoyance of returning to school.”

Andrew Coleman
“Being back in school means that I know I have to be doing something when I’m not doing anything. On break I never worry about how I use my time.”

Bryce-Thurston Bryce Thurston
“Definitely the lack of sleep. On break I can sleep as long as I want, but during school I have to deal with the pesky alarm clock.”

Ryan Stauffer
“Coming back to six or seven active construction sites and waking up at 6:30 for classes I don’t even want to go to are the worst parts of coming back to Mines for me.”

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