Minds at Mines: Super Bowl predictions

The Super Bowl is a time of year when advertisements cost millions of dollars per minute and when two teams face off in the NFL championship. The first Sunday in February is an important day when over 100 million people are glued to their TV. This year’s matchup features the New York Giants and the New England Patriots. Since it is the NFL championship, the Super Bowl is the most talked about and analyzed game of the season, and every sports fan has his or her own idea as to what the outcome will be. This week, Minds at Mines turns to five campus “experts” to answer the question, “Who will win the Super Bowl and why?”

Kevin Tornes
“I think the Giants will win. It will be a repeat of the ’08 Super Bowl. The Pats have the Giants as underdogs in the back of their heads and Tom Brady will choke.”

Josh-Kleitsch Josh Kleitsch
“The Giants, as clichéd as that is. They’ve had to fight a lot harder than the Patriots and have star killer power. They also beat my Packers so they have the beat the Patriots.”

Lianne Nelsen
“I predict the Giants will win because they already beat the Patriots this year. Also, I hate Tom Brady.”

Marty-Droze Marty Droze
“The Patriots will win because Eli knows Peyton will be watching him. [Patriots] defense has been playing better lately, and Tom Brady has a laser-rocket-cannon arm.”

Caleb Whitehead
“I think the Patriots will win. They handled the Broncos pretty well in the playoffs and that was the only football game I’ve watched all year.”

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