Moview Review: Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

The preposterously mysterious, often bewildering, detective is back for a second round, and he is not playing to lose. “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” is the next installment of the popular film series, and Holmes is facing his most formidable opponent yet, the ruthlessly cunning Dr. James Moriarty.

The stakes have never been higher, and as the great detective puts it, “Civilization as we know it hangs in the balance.” “This is so deliciously complicated,” he adds, and he was right. “A Game of Shadows” is a race against time and terror, in which no answer is correct and no turn is the right one. Truthfully, this movie will leave audiences dumbfounded with its myriad of plot twists and inconceivable action sequences.

Action abounds in this epic adventure, and Holmes proves his mettle numerous times, in his deadly look-in-to-the-future-and-decide-how-to-kill-you-in-four-seconds fighting style. At no time during this film will audiences be left bored, wondering when the plot will develop. No, Holmes never gives, forcing the audience to pay attention at every moment for fear of missing some crucial detail of the immensely complicated plot. Thankfully, if you do happen to glance away and miss something, Sherlock has a tendency to recap important events in his harried explanations to Watson.

“A Game of Shadows” is such an epic adventure, and is so intricate and deep that you cannot help but think, once the movie has finished, “I really need to watch that again!” If you watch movies to be shocked, awed, wowed, amazed, and blown away, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows is exactly what you want to see.

With mind-blowing action, a new puzzle at every turn, a criminal mind that rivals the genius of Mr. Holmes himself, and a truly unforgettable ending, Sherlock Holmes has not failed to deliver. What’s next for the world’s greatest detective? Do not miss out on this one, because only time will tell.

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