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Club Sport of the Week: Ice Hockey

The fastest sport on ice is making big waves in the Mines club sports community. With a record 35 members, the Men’s Ice Hockey team has greatly improved to be one of the juggernauts in the Division III ACHA. The team has been around for almost a decade at Mines and has seen a recent increase in participation, fan attendance, and wins! The team underwent a makeover last season and came out with new jerseys and two new coaches. Fundraising was a key part of this makeover, with a focus on selling tickets for the Avalanche game. The team has also put on a skate night at Apex Ice Arena for the school.

Irish Potato Famine Celebration Day

As most of us are well aware, this week holds for us a special holiday. It is almost impossible to miss it; advertisements have been playing it up like crazy, stores have brought in special stock for the occasion, and people all around are trying to make impossible plans for it. Yes, that is right, friends and fellows. This Tuesday, February 14th, is everyone’s favorite holiday – Irish Potato Famine Celebration Day!

Alara: Chapter 4

Chloe emerged between two boulders nestled midway up the side of a steep hill. A few dim beams of sunlight pierced the network of trees, allowing Chloe the chance to examine her surroundings without squinting. Her jaw went slack. All around her, shooting up forever it seemed, were trees exactly like she’d seen in her dreams. She took a step forward and almost slipped on the loose gravel. Grasping a small boulder to her right, Chloe used it to steady her descent.

The Football Informant: A reminder of why football is great

We were promised a classic. We were given an unlikely rematch of a history-making clash, and we were told that the sequel would live up to the high standards of the original. It’s certainly nice when the hype machine gets something right. This was an epic duel of evenly-matched sides, and although neither was in danger of being confused with a juggernaut, Super Bowl XLVI will go down as a classic.

This Week in Colorado History: Land politics and Lincoln

Denver had a “wild and wooly west” relapse this week in 1889. Judge Rucker entered a saloon on Curtis Street and there found Col. John Arkins of the “Rocky Mountain News” drinking with several politicians, including a Senator-elect and a Chief-of-Police. Rucker then “walked up and slapped Col. John in the mouth,” reported “The Colorado Transcript.” He was immediately arrested, and the men reconciled the next day. Apparently, there was some sort of history between the two, dating to the fall of 1888.

Future of librarianship

“The easiest way for me to be proven wrong is to tell you what I think the future of librarianship will be,” said Carl Grant, a library management consultant. The profession of librarianship is on the decline and, according to the report “Perceptions of Libraries,” at the projected rate, libraries will not be used at all by the year 2035.

Prepare a great cover letter

Do you want to know why this upcoming Spring Career Day is on Valentine’s Day? It’s because all of these companies love Mines students! But even though they do love us, we need to tell them why. This is where the idea of a cover letter comes from. Lin Sherman from the Career Center discussed the idea that a cover letter is really a love letter to the company you are applying to. And surprisingly, this analogy holds fairly well.


How to stand out in 30 seconds or less

Preparing oneself for the insanity that is career fair is like planning a commercial for the Super Bowl. It may not cost millions of dollars to attend career day and talk to companies, but the stakes are just as high. As a student interviewer approaches a booth, he only has 20-30 seconds to impress the recruiter with his “pitch.” If he fails to do this, the recruiter will move on to the next person. With this in mind, Jean Manning-Clark of the CSM career center presented her ideas to help students be successful at career fair.


Minds at Mines: Valentine’s Day Candy

With Valentine’s day fast approaching, candy sales begin to skyrocket as the big day nears. From heart shaped boxes of chocolates to pink and red packaging, candy makers change their products in drastic ways for February 14. The seasonal availability of these candies makes them so much more delicious. To find out these favorites, Minds at Mines asks, “What is your favorite Valentine’s day candy and why?”

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