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Grinds my gears: Lack of good cartoons

You know what really grinds my gears?

Where did all the good cartoons go? At a young age, I can remember cherishing the moment that I got to watch my daily “Winnie the Pooh” episode. Then, as I “matured,” I slowly moved into the modern cartoons like “Doug,” “Recess,” “Rugrats,” and “Animaniacs.” I even dabbled in some of the classics of yore, like “Tom & Jerry,” the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote, and Looney Tunes. There was a ton of quality, family safe programming around and it was correlated with one of the largest economic expansions in United States history.

Music Review: The Head and the Heart

The Head and the Heart, a band whose journey to the top of the charts proves, even in a world where most people discover music online, hard work can still launch bands. The Head and the Heart signed with Sub Pop Records and, following in the footsteps of many of their pacific northwest predecessors, have been working a long time to see results. Before signing with Sub Pop, their debut album was self produced and sold by the band at concerts and a few local record stores.

Movie Review: Hell and Back Again

Bias, propaganda, and censorship normally fill modern documentary style movies. However, Danfung Dennis does not employ such tactics as he explains the soldier’s blight in Afghanistan. “Hell and Back Again,” the new documentary about the Afghanistan war follows one soldier on his deployment to Afghanistan. Instead of showing viewers the horrors of war with an antiwar bias, Dennis follows one soldier in his first few months of duty until his return to the US.


Geek of the Week: Carolyn Nichols, Junior, Civil

Some geeks are socially silent. They pass by a conversation unnoticed, leaving only a few dusty, orange Cheeto fingerprints stuck to any surface they touched. But there is another type of geek. These geeks will readily join in on any discussion about physics, Star Wars, or any other nerdy topic of interest. Some of these geeks even manage to find the courage to begin conversations with other people. But CSM junior Carolyn Nichols has taken this to a new level. She is the sort of geek who announces her presence with a loud squeal and a running tackle-hug. Apparently, this Civil Engineer didn’t get the memo that geeks do not know how to talk to people.


Faculty Spotlight: Craig Champlin

A professor with extensive knowledge and understanding in his or her chosen field is often held in high regard by peers. But without the ability to effectively and clearly communicate the subject material, even the most intelligent of professors can be of little use to his or her students. In this regard, Craig Champlin has a bit of an advantage. Champlin, in his second semester of teaching at Mines, has learned from prior industry experience how to effectively communicate new information to people with varying levels of experience.

Scientific discoveries this week: 2-13-12

Lund, Switzerland – A group of researchers from Lund University in Switzerland studied the effects of the zebra’s black-and-white “jailhouse” striping pattern, in an effort to understand the reason behind it. The study shows that the unique striping pattern repels certain types of disease-carrying flies, due to the way the alternating white-and-black stripes reflect light. The researchers noticed that the striping repelled horseflies and tsetse flies because the reflection from the stripes confused and disoriented the flies.

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