Community Spotlight: Grappa mediterranean bistro and cafe

Traveling across the Atlantic Ocean costs a small fortune and requires months of preparation. Grappa, an elegant and simple Mediterranean-styled bistro and cafe, overlooks Clear Creek and treats the average diner to a traditional Mediterranean meal without spending hundreds of dollars on airplane tickets.

Being both a cafe and a bistro, Grappa sets itself apart from other restaurants by serving French-styled crepes and Italian-inspired gelato.

Depending on the time of day, the menu of the bistro varies. The lunch menu includes a variety of salads, soups, and entrees including spinach fettuccine a la primavera. The pasta features a light pesto sauce topped with sun-dried tomatoes, asparagus, and artichoke hearts, along with delightfully flavorful spinach fettuccine. To satisfy the most avid seafood lover, Grappa offers linguini ciopino, a tomato based soup filled with a variety of seafood including clams and shrimp.

In a traditional European fashion, Grappa serves a variety of simple appetizers known as tapas during their happy hour. The tapas range from delectable mini lobster ravioli (a Grappa specialty) to classic fried calamari. These appetizers offer customers the opportunity to sit down, relax, and enjoy some light Mediterranean cuisine.

The dinner menu, while similar to the lunch menu, offers a more entree-based meal. From risotto to antipasto, Grappa offers a large variety of seafoods, meats, and vegetables with their evening meals. To wet your appetite, the bistro serves an antipasto platter appetizer which includes Italian meats and cheeses.

With all of these delicious options, Grappa is an excellent choice for a short getaway or relaxing spring luncheon. Grappa Mediterranean Cafe and Bistro is located at the corner of Washington St. and 11th St.

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