Game Review: Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride, an addicting game, greets you with an intriguing title scene enhanced by soothing classical music. Tiny scientists meander about a laboratory next to a most tantalizing device, the machine gun jetpack. A friendly blinking message invites you to “Touch Anywhere to Play!” You tap the screen and the laboratory wall explodes! Barry Steakfries enters and – despite the “Do not steal” sign – snatches the jet pack and hurries off to wreak as much havoc as possible.

Jetpack Joyride is a must-have for every app junkie. As the player (Barry) runs through a secret laboratory, a touch of the screen causes Barry to ascend with his jet pack. Barry will dodge lasers, tazers, and missiles in attempts to collect coins, beat challenges, and achieve a record distance run.

One touch controls the bobbing and weaving of your character throughout an otherwise standard platform game. Collect coins and do not hit obstacles.

While the core objective is simply to get the best distance you can, the fun aesthetic details and dynamic arcade features make the game something better than a simple platformer. Barry is given three challenges at a time, each of which upon completion contributes to “leveling up” your player. Each level up earns a new title as well as a bonus of coins, which can be used to buy new attire and equipment for Barry. Aside from the default machine gun jetpack, one can also purchase a laser jetpack, a snowball throwing jetpack, and a slew of other maniacal mechanisms. Barry can also be fitted with a classy suit and top hat, or a kingly crown and royal robes.

As the setting is a high tech laboratory, a handful of other awesome vehicles are lying about. With some jet-packing precision, you can acquire one of six unique machines to use, including a mechanical dragon and an anti-gravity suit.

Special coins called “spin tokens” can be found floating throughout the lab. For each token collected, you earn one spin on a slot machine style game played at the end of your run. In this game, the “Final Spin” gives you a chance to win loads of coins, a head start on your next run, or even a second chance to continue the run you just ended!

All of these intriguing and adorable features make Jetpack Joyride impossible to put down. Play one game and you will find yourself having that “just one more try” feeling every time. Challenges and customizability provide for extensive game play, and you will love comparing all of your stats and scores to your friends’ in the online leaderboards.

The app is free to download, but for now is only available on the Apple app store. If you do not have an apple product to download it for, pester that friend of yours that has an iPad. Be sure to get the first turn to play, or you might not get a turn at all!

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