Headlines from around the world: 2-27-12

The World Health Organization (WHO) plans not to release information on a method to modify the avian flu that could produce a much deadlier version of the virus. Scientists are studying this method in an effort to better understand how the virus might mutate in the wild. The WHO may choose to release the information to allow scientists around the world to continue the work.

Journalist Marie Colvin, a war correspondent, was killed in Syria after a Syrian military rocket attack destroyed the home in which she was located. Colvin was a reporter for the “The Sunday Times” for 20 years.

The Iranian head of nuclear negotiations declared that Iran was ready to hold a dialogue regarding its nuclear program. This could mark a shift in relations for the US and the European Union, who are enforcing economic sanctions in protest of the Iranian nuclear program.

Italian police shut down a fraud ring last week that included eight people and $6 trillion in US Treasury Bonds. The bonds were not counterfeit, but were what is termed “fictitious.” The bonds were comprised of 6,000 units worth $1 billion each, which is not a valid unit of currency. The bank that received the bonds recognized them as fictitious, and suggested that they were meant to defraud banks.

Authorities discovered the bones of the victims of two serial killers that were known to the residents of Linden, California, as the “speed-freak-killers” in a set of mass graves owned by the killers. One of the two killers drew a map that directed authorities to the graves, which were spread out across parts of San Jaoquin County.

New reports have come out that indicate American troops will begin leaving Afghanistan in the next few years. The Afghan defense minister expressed fears that his country will be left abandoned after all foreign troops eventually leave.

Coinstar, the company behind Redbox movie rental kiosks, is partnering with Starbucks to test a new line of coffee kiosks. The kiosks are designed to accept payment, grind beans, and brew coffee for a waiting customer. The coffee produced is comparable to many coffee shops, and will be priced at about $1 per cup.

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