Minds at Mines: Campus restaurants

With the addition of a Subway, Pizza Hut and Starbucks, the CSM campus offers students more variety in their dining options. Along with Einstein’s Bagels, these food options allow student’s to enjoy chain restaurants without stepping foot off campus. But are these changes for the better? Minds are Mines wants to know, “What is your opinion of the addition chain restaurants to campus dining locations?”

Elliot Hill
“I usually bring food with me so these changes don’t affect me too much. The chain options, however, are more expensive than what used to be on campus, which discourages me from visiting them.”

Michael-Couglin Michael Coughlin
“I used to eat on campus every day before the addition of the Pizza Hut and Subway. Now I can’t afford to, so I bring a lunch with me.”

Kyle Santi
“It’s nice to have Einstein Brothers Bagels and Subway around. I’m indifferent about Starbucks because I don’t drink coffee. As long as the chains serve good food, I’m fine with it.”

MichaelWerner Michael Werner
“I think it’s great, I think more diversity is pretty awesome.”

Kyle Duran
“It gives people more variety, I think Subway is a lot healthier than some of the other chains they have around here.”

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