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Minds at Mines: Films

The Academy Awards ceremony delivers the highest praise for the best in film. One of the most sought after awards, the Best Picture award, only received nine nominations this year. Among those nominations, none of the films became blockbusters. In the spirit of the Best Picture award, this week, Mines at Mines asks, “What was your favorite movie from the past year?”


Winter Carnival brings fresh snow and fun

Winter Carnival at Eldora Ski Resort featured great powder and fun times. The event was sponsored by Blue Key and this year, for $30, students could purchase a lift ticket to the resort, bus passage up to the mountain, lunch and dinner served by Blue Key, the opportunity to watch a ski film, and a fluorescent T-shirt. Given that lift tickets alone typically cost about $70, it was a great deal for ski enthusiasts and beginners alike.

This Week in Colorado History

This week in 1918, tragedy struck as prominent farmer Jacob Furter committed suicide at his Lakewood home. Furter went to bed as usual, but at 3:30 a.m., his wife and son heard a gunshot “and when the rushed to Furter’s room, they found his lifeless body, his head in a pool of blood, on the floor,” reported “The Colorado Transcript.” He was sixty-two years old and originally from Switzerland, but he had lived in Colorado for 40 years and Jefferson County for 11. His family believed that worry over “two strokes of paralysis” had “made him temporarily deranged,” leading to his unexpected suicide.

The Descendants review

Shailine Woodley, the most surprising aspect of Alexander Payne’s new movie “The Descendants”, reveals herself as a varied and experienced actress. Poor writing riddled Shailine Woodly’s career, but her role alongside of George Clooney allows her to shine when handed a decent script led by good directing.

Game Review: Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride, an addicting game, greets you with an intriguing title scene enhanced by soothing classical music. Tiny scientists meander about a laboratory next to a most tantalizing device, the machine gun jetpack. A friendly blinking message invites you to “Touch Anywhere to Play!” You tap the screen and the laboratory wall explodes! Barry Steakfries enters and – despite the “Do not steal” sign – snatches the jet pack and hurries off to wreak as much havoc as possible.

Fun. – Some Nights Album Review

Fun., a band known for its desire to create unique music without compromising their integrity, recently signed with a major record label, Fueled by Ramen, with the production of their newest album. Nate Reuss, a singer/songwriter known for his distaste for big record companies, wrote a song called “The Compromise”, effectively terminating him from his previous label. Every aspect of Fun. jabs at formulaic albums produced by record companies.


Geek of the Week: Kate Lyssy, Sophomore Mechanical

Being a geek has become mainstream chic in today’s age. Now it is up to geeks to further define their geekiness, choose a nerdy speciality if you will. In comes Kate Lyssy, a sophomore in mechanical engineering here at CSM. Lyssy instantly felt at home amongst the intellectual and technically inclined student body, and decided to bring her own twist to the Mines campus by starting the Urban Gaming Club (UGC). The UGC is most recognized by their Humans vs. Zombies events held on campus. That’s right, Lyssy is the one behind all those students running around campus with nerf guns and pool noodles. The Oredigger sat down with Lyssy to pick her brain about everything from battling the Swap Thing to life after Mines.


Cooking Corner: Warm up with some chili for dinner!

As college students, taking time out of an evening to cook a warm and hearty meal can be a drag, especially after a long day at school. Come dinnertime, the stomach growls, but piles of homework are waiting to be done. However, with this recipe it only takes a few minutes of preparation in the morning to come home to a steaming bowl of delicious chili. Utilize the beauty of crock-pots!

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