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Cooking Corner: Candied Bacon

Bacon, a classic breakfast favorite, is popular because of its rich flavour and simplicity to cook. A simple spin to this treat is candied bacon. To make this delicious treat, you need an oven, a pan, aluminum foil, bacon, and brown sugar, along with 20 minutes. The strips can be eaten whole or broken up and used as toppings on foods like hamburgers or salads.

Grinds my gears? The groundhog

The groundhog.

What is your deal? You sit in a hole for 364 days a year and then, on February 2 every year, you decide to come out and see if you can see your shadow. That way of life is lazier than Snooki when she’s working at the Shore Store. Furthermore, how in the world are you supposed to predict the changes of the seasons when you are stuck in a hole all year. That is like the time some gypsy in Paris tried to predict my future. You know nothing about me, so get that slew of diseases you are no doubt carrying away from me. The name “Punxsutawney Phil” for a groundhog is not becoming. Instead of this “oracle” that is supposed to predict changing weather patterns, your name sounds like you are the drunk of a Pennsylvania ghost town.

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