Winter Carnival brings fresh snow and fun

Winter Carnival at Eldora Ski Resort featured great powder and fun times. The event was sponsored by Blue Key and this year, for $30, students could purchase a lift ticket to the resort, bus passage up to the mountain, lunch and dinner served by Blue Key, the opportunity to watch a ski film, and a fluorescent T-shirt. Given that lift tickets alone typically cost about $70, it was a great deal for ski enthusiasts and beginners alike.

The day began with a cold wait for the bus outside the ORC. It was about 10 degrees Fahrenheit, and snow was lightly falling. Once aboard the buses, the passengers became rowdy as people let off a bit of excitement before they got to the hill. Up on the mountain, skiers and boarders voiced their approval of the four inches of powder that Eldora had received the previous evening. Runs up and down the hill were exhilarating and fun as students sought to take in as much of the beautiful day as possible.

Around 11 AM, Blue Key members began to serve lunch to the hungry Orediggers. There were hamburgers, hot dogs, bratwurst, and baked beans. During the afternoon, clouds rolled in and covered the sun from time to time, leading to icier patches as newly melted snow began to freeze. Toward the end of the afternoon, buses arrived at the ski area to take tired, but content, Mines students back to campus.

Despite the fact that many were tired after a hard day of skiing and riding, the bus was still lively. Once back at school, students formed up outside of Berthoud to await the arrival of Chipotle burritos and an entertaining movie to finish off the day.

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