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Minds at Mines: Spring Break

After a grueling set of midterms, spring break provides a respite from the rigors of school. With one week off from classes, the break is wide-open for travel and activities. Whether it is by taking a trip to warmer climates, skiing in the Rockies, or just staying at home and getting some well deserved rest, everyone has a plan for spring break. To see what students are doing for their breaks, this week, Minds at Mines asks, “What are your plans for spring break?”

Redefining the “hipster”

Recently, I’ve observed the ever-growing trend of being a “hipster.” Initially, the term hipster referred to someone who was socially deviant, meaning they followed trends that were not the norm. It meant they didn’t believe in doing things just because they were the things everyone else did. That is not to say that they chose interests just because it was not the norm, and that is not to say they disliked things just because they were the norm. This is an important distinction.

Grinds my Gears: Award shows and halftime performances

The Super Bowl halftime show, if you are a member of the 2% of Americans that is unaware, had Madonna as the headlining act with Nicki Minaj, M.I.A., Cee-Lo Green, and LMFAO supporting her. Madonna did pretty well solo, until her modern-day cronies, Nicki and M.I.A., took the stage. Nicki was doing her thing until she came to her inevitable wide-eyed yelling state (which gave me nightmares for the two nights following the performance). M.I.A., on the other hand, has not done anything for years, and most people spent time trying to figure out who she was rather than viewing her actual performance, which was bad. The next week, the Grammys were par at best, aside from Nicki Minaj’s cult-like exorcism performance. If you are that curious, look it up on YouTube, but consider yourself warned.

EPICS is pointless

At Colorado School of Mines, all students are required to take EPICS I. According to the program’s website, the EPICS course “introduces a design process that includes open-ended problem solving and teamwork integrated with the use of computer software as a tool to solve engineering problems. The course emphasizes written technical communications and introduces the importance of effective oral presentations.”


Mix it up for E-Days with Catalina Rhyme Mixers

This year’s E-days celebration will feature not just one, but two live concerts, beginning with one of Mines’ own students, Cooper Newby. Newby, a senior at Mines, is one of the two members of the electronic group Catalina Rhyme Mixers. Known for mixing across genres, Catalina Rhyme Mixers has found their niche in today’s electronic mash-ups world.

Club Sport of the Week: Women’s Rugby

The CSM Women’s rugby team consists of around 17 current members and is always looking for more players. Practices are from 6-8 P.M. on Mondays and Wednesdays on the IM field. There is no experience required. The team plays league matches again teams like Boulder, UNC, Wyoming, and Mesa and participates in the Collegiate Eastern Rockies Football League. They also host the annual Prom Dress Rugby game as a fundraiser for the program. If you have any questions about the program, please contact club-rugbyw@mines.edu or visit their website at http://recsports.mines.edu/REC-Club-Sports-Women-Rugby.

Club Spotlight: Ballroom Dance Club

The Ballroom Dance Club, an often disregarded club, finds its place in this week’s club spotlight. The club dates back to the 1940’s and 50’s when classic styles of ballroom dance, such as Tango, Blues, Waltz, and Swing first developed. The club aims to introduce students and faculty to ballroom dance in a laid-back environment…

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