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International study abroad, internship, and co-ops provide unique experience

Internships teach students the importance of work and varied experiences. However, not all internships offer the same benefits. The Office of International Programs invites students to discover opportunities abroad to add another dimension to their diploma.
Kay Godel-Gengenbach, director of the office, discussed the opportunities presented to students by foreign governments and universities. For example, the German government currently hires students for unpaid internships that lead to a full-time job in Germany after the summer.

This Week in Colorado History: Music, baseball, and public works

This week in 1916, Golden citizen and former CSM student Roy Hartzell departed for Macon, Georgia, to join the New York Yankees at Spring Training. “The Colorado Transcript” called Hartzell “still… one of the most dependable utility men in the game.” Unfortunately, 1916 would prove to be Hartzell’s final season in the major leagues, as he played only 33 games for the Yankees that year and batted .188, 64 points below his career .252 average, in 76 plate appearances.

Geek of the Week: Stephen Bartels, Senior, Civil Engineering

Geeks sometimes have a dual nature that does not follow the stereotype. Senior Stephen Bartels fits in that category as he is often seen walking the streets of the Mines campus barefoot or in a knee brace, from his latest accident, and not in his room studying. He roams the campus and participates in sports and activities all the while talking enthusiastically about some aspect of his Civil Engineering major.

TFI Offseason Files: The rise and fall of the Red Sox fairytale

The endless wheel of American sports keeps turning, and now the time has come for baseball’s spring training. Last season ended in a spectacular flourish, with the most memorable final day of the regular season in baseball history followed by a postseason of superlatives. Last year featured the two largest collapses in the history of baseball, by the Atlanta Braves and Boston Red Sox. That was simply stunning. The insane sequence of events in the Rays-Yankees and Red Sox-Orioles games will not be quickly forgotten.

Cooking Corner: Olive Garden style fettuccine alfredo

Cooking Corner: Olive Garden – Style Fettuccine Alfredo
By: Carmella Caltagirone

Fettuccine alfredo is a quick, cheap, and easy dinner option for the college student on the go. An addition of sliced chicken strips and alfredo sauce to standard pasta creates the masterpiece of fettuccine alfredo. Garlic bread spices up this meal nicely, adding robust flavor to an overall cheesy and creamy dish.

Scientific discoveries this week: 3-5-12

British scientists announced a system to protect GPS technology from solar storms. Bursts in solar energy can endanger GPS satellites, required for a variety of devices. Researchers will use data from satellite and ground measurements of the Earth’s magnetic field to forecast changes in radiation. These forecasts may allow satellites enough time to move out of harm’s way or power down, saving valuable components.

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