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Scott Nelson

Minds at Mines: Pep Band Songs

As any sports fan knows, crowds love to get excited about their team, no matter what the sport. An energized the crowd gives the team a boost of morale, propelling them to further glory. During the game it is the actions of the players that excite the crowd, but when the team is not on the court, it is up to the pep band to keep the morale high. To see which songs get them motivated, this week, Minds at Mines asked the CSM pep band, “What is your favorite song to get the crowd pumped up and excited.”

Letters to the Editor: Heiland Lecture from Issue 18

Dear readers,

In Issue 17 of the Oredigger, our front-page news article “Climate change debate heats up” was the subject of much back-lash around the Mines campus. The article covered the Heiland lecture given by Terry Donze, in which Donze stated that climate change was not due to human activity but was a result of solar fluctuations.

At the Oredigger it is our policy to report what happens on the Mines campus in an unbiased light. We strive for fair media coverage of the issues and events on campus, and in doing so, every story of journalistic merit must be given equal treatment within the paper. This article was an example of those principles. Our writer covered an event on campus, presenting the ideas put forward by the lecturer and attributed those ideas to the source.


Mines wins two games in the NCAA Tournament

The men’s basketball team pushed their single season win record to 29, winning in the first two rounds of the Division II NCAA Tournament before falling to cross town rival Metro State 73-64 in the round of sixteen, Tuesday, March 13, at Lockridge Arena.

Mines opened the tournament with impressive wins over Augustana (South Dakota) University and Southwestern Minnesota State in front of a packed Lockridge Arena to become the first team in school history to advance to the round of sixteen in the national tournament.

Will Ferrel y “Casa de mi Padre”

As his popular “Zoolander” character Mugatu would say, Will Ferrel is “So hot right now,” or “muy caliente, as he would say in “Casa de mi Padre.” His Television show “Eastbound and Down” returned for its third season, his website Funnyordie.com welcomes thousands of new viewers everyday, his summer film line-up includes a movie with…

This Week in Colorado History: Advertising and Entertainment

Today, Colorado is renowned for its scenery and depends on tourism dollars, although this was apparently not always the case. In an article reprinted in the March 22, 1906, issue of “The Colorado Transcript,” advertising expert Charles Austin Bates posited that the state of Colorado needed better publicity and if it received a concentrated campaign, the population could double in two years. Bates argued that Colorado’s wide open spaces, rich mineral resources, and farming potential would be of great interest to potential residents. “The Colorado Transcript” added the argument that “perhaps no town in the state is so much in need of boosting as Golden.” The paper optimistically forecast thousands of summer visitors if advertising was instated.

Music Review: Standard Fare, Out of Sight, Out of Town

Standard Fare – Out of Sight, Out of Town
Lucy Orsi

Standard Fare is a band known for frilly music, a commitment to a unique sound, and dedication to bettering themselves as musicians. On their second full length album, hard work and focused fundamentals bring an average band to new and higher levels of talent. Elements of fun and carefree melodies make “Out of Sight, Out of Town” a fun listen on a dreary winter day.


Save earth from the Reapers with Mass Effect 3

This is an issue I must address – I am a fan of the Mass Effect franchise. I have played the two games prior to Mass Effect 3. I had considerable control over how I chose to save the galaxy. Mass Effect, in allowing me to play with a character I could customize down to his or her face and background, gave me a rich and rewarding experience that made me love the franchise. Does the latest game in Bioware’s trilogy live up to its lineage? Let’s find out.

Mass Effect 3 is the story of Commander Shepard as the character battles apocalyptic machines called Reapers to keep them from destroying all sentient life in the Milky Way Galaxy. Shepard must unite the species of the galaxy to fight these mechanical monsters or else face galactic annihilation. Despite his or her efforts, and the game likes to remind you, Shepard cannot save them all.

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