Community Spotlight: Jimmy John’s

In Downtown Golden, within walking distance of the Mines campus on Washington Street is a store with a black overhang and a brightly lit red neon sign which says “Free Smells.” It is Jimmy John’s, a classic sandwich restaurant that creates delicious sandwiches for any occasion. With great seating indoors and tables outdoors, Jimmy John’s presents a comfortable dining experience.

The restaurant offers a variety of sandwiches, and they pride themselves on fresh veggies and quality meats. The gourmet sandwiches feature many choices including turkey, tuna, Italian meats, and even vegetarian. The number twelve, the Beach Club, features a delicious combination of turkey, provolone, creamy-avocado spread, tomatoes, sprouts, and cucumbers. For meat-lovers, the Italian Night Club, number nine, features a large stack of salami, capicola, and ham along with veggies and provolone cheese.

Every sandwich can become a meal with the addition of a side of chips and a drink or a cookie and a drink. For the carb-conscious, Jimmy John’s offers the “JJ Unwich,” a sandwich made to order with the same toppings as any other on the menu, except lettuce replaces the bread. Jimmy John’s employees make sandwiches lightning fast, more often than not handing them over the counter before a customer has a had a chance to fill up his or her drink cup.

The Jimmy John’s location in Golden accepts online ordering, which means that a customer does not even have to pick up the phone to get a made-to-order sandwich delivered right to his or her door. Jimmy John’s will deliver even just one sandwich for only a quarter extra. Or, they will cater a whole event with party sub platters or lunch boxes.

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