Geek of the Week: Brianna Fidder, Sophomore, Comp Sci

It is no secret that persons of the female persuasion are a little harder to find at Mines than those of the male persuasion. This week however, not only did we at “The Oredigger” manage to find one of the Mines girls, but we found one who can toss programming jokes back and forth like one of the pros. This week’s designated geek is Brianna Fidder, a sophomore pursuing a Computer Science degree and someone who displays her geekdom with all the pride and fervor she can muster.

[Oredigger]: Why did you choose Computer Science?
[Fidder]: Programming’s fun. It’s much more fun than any of the other majors here. [I like] the instant gratification of your code working.

What’s been your favorite class so far?
Software Engineering [or] Data Structures with Josh Thomas [because of] all the nerdy references.

Are you a geek and why?
Yes. I am definitely a geek because [I like] nerdy sci-fi shows like “Doctor Who” and “Big Bang Theory,” I like reading nerdy webcomics like XKCD and Looking for Group, and like any typical geek, I enjoy video games. I browse Reddit all the time and one of my favorite shows is “Firefly.” Also, I live in a house of all [Computer Science majors] and it’s called LANfortress.

What do you do with your spare time?
Lots of the aforementioned nerdy things mentioned above. [Also] Rouge-like games and [hanging] out with [my boyfriend].

What’re some of your greatest accomplishments thus far?
Surviving Mines so far, making it through Physics tests without crying.

How would you handle an encounter with a Weeping Angel?
I would turn on the video camera function on my phone, point it at the Angel, and back away until I got away. And then I would delete the video immediately after. Basically, run like hell and then look for the Doctor.

What’s the best part about Mines?
All the random conversations you overhear, [especially] in Digger Den. Just the general atmosphere.

If you could be dropped into any fictional setting, what would it be and why?
“Lord of the Rings,” as long as I was a wizard, because of how in-depth the Tolkien describes [the] world. I think it’d be a lot of fun to walk around.

What’s the most random nerd moment you’ve seen or been a part of?
In [the] Linux Users Group last week, [my friend] was talking about how he switched his keyboard layout after a break-up because, “It’s really hard to concentrate on heartbreak when you can’t find the ‘A’ key.”

Which do you think poses a greater threat to humanity: zombie raptors or alien vampires?
Zombie raptors because they’re raptors. Raptors can open doorknobs and you couldn’t exactly run away from them.

Do you have a favorite quote or saying?
“Do, or do not. There is no try.” –Yoda, “The Empire Strikes Back”

Do you have any plans for life after Mines?
Graduate with a good grade, get a cool computer science job and make bank… so I can buy lots of video games and lots of cool stuff like the Raspberry Pi.

Anything else people should know about you?
One of my greatest regrets is not playing Pokémon until college.

Do you have any advice for fellow geeks and Mines students?
Do what you’re passionate about and don’t care about what anyone says about your geeky habits.

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