International study abroad, internship, and co-ops provide unique experience

Internships teach students the importance of work and varied experiences. However, not all internships offer the same benefits. The Office of International Programs invites students to discover opportunities abroad to add another dimension to their diploma.
Kay Godel-Gengenbach, director of the office, discussed the opportunities presented to students by foreign governments and universities. For example, the German government currently hires students for unpaid internships that lead to a full-time job in Germany after the summer.

“Alumni from Mines are everywhere, attempts to connect current student to alumni and see their jobs is a main objective,” said Godel-Gengenbach. She works hand-in-hand with these alumni to introduce new international experiences to current students. These internships offer “real world” knowledge and invaluable experience in working with many cultures. “Mines diplomas will get you a job, soft skills [learned at these internships] will get you a career,” said Godel-Gengenbach, “This is what sets students apart.”

In addition to internships, students can gain international experience by taking classes at universities in the Middle-East, Europe, and Asia. This summer, mechanics of materials, dynamics, and foreign languages are available.

Many students find studying abroad too costly. However, the Office of International Programs offers scholarships to cover airfare, lodging, or even food to make the programs more accessible.

Besides internships and studying abroad, the Office of International Programs also offers co-ops. A co-op is a job that is worked during the school year, in place of classes. These offer a large amount of paid, industry experience in a short time span. Co-ops are also applied to specific major classes, and can qualify for up to 3 hours of credit. Co-op applicants must be students at Mines for at least three semesters and have a GPA above 2.0.

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