Minds at Mines: March Madness

Compared to sports such as football or baseball, basketball is a high action sport. While the first two may contain plays with flashes of brilliance, the chance of seeing multiple fantastic physical feats in a game of basketball is quite high. It is easy to see then why basketball fans enjoy the game so much. March is a special time of year for basketball fans because of the NCAA Division I National Tournament colloquially known as March Madness. Predicting the tournament winner has become somewhat of a national pastime, so this week, Minds at Mines asks, “Which team do you think will win the division I tournament and why?”

Jacob Case
North Carolina would be my first choice to win, but with their point guard injured, I would go with Syracuse instead. However, since their center is out, I would go with KU. Their experience talks.

Eduardo-Urquidi Eduardo Urquidi
I have to go with Kentucky. Anthony Davis wants it too bad. No center can keep up with him and no team can outshoot the Wildcats.

Ben Knipping
I have Indiana [winning it.] Christian Watford is one of the best forwards in the country. If their guard play can remain at a high level, no one can take them.

Mike-Strabala Mike Strabala
Kentucky. They are a popular choice, but are a number one seed with a lot of talent.

Josh Shannon
Ohio State. They have Jared Sullinger and Aaron Craft who make up a great one-two punch. Deshaun Thomas is also a great competitor and has proved this tournament that he knows how to score.

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