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Minds at Mines: Pep Band Songs

As any sports fan knows, crowds love to get excited about their team, no matter what the sport. An energized the crowd gives the team a boost of morale, propelling them to further glory. During the game it is the actions of the players that excite the crowd, but when the team is not on the court, it is up to the pep band to keep the morale high. To see which songs get them motivated, this week, Minds at Mines asked the CSM pep band, “What is your favorite song to get the crowd pumped up and excited.”

Scott Nelson
Final Countdown. It’s upbeat, exciting, and pumps the crowd up as well as us.

Scott McClary Scott McClary
I like Louie Louie. It is fun to play because it is upbeat and exciting, and Marvin can play it on the drumset.

Erik Johnson
Land of 1000 Dances. It is loud and has a nice beat to it. There is also a vocal part part where we yell “Uno, dos, tres, uhhh!”
Erik Johnson

Chelsey Fedel Chelsey Fedel
Pirates. The song is loud, upbeat, and strong. It gets everyone involved and everyone knows it from the movies.

Megan Macdonald
Greased Lightning. I like the ’50s feel that you can swing dance to. At the beginning, each of the instrument groups come in and you can hear how they come together to make the whole song.
Megan Macdonald

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