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CSM Baseball bests UNK 2 out of 3 games

The Oredigger Baseball Team snapped a three game losing streak by taking two of three games against the University of Nebraska Kearney.

Mines won the first game on Friday, March 23, in a 15-10 slugfest. The highlight of the game came in the bottom of the seventh when junior Garrett Schirmacher hit a home run to right-center field to put Mines up 14-10. Mines relief pitcher Eric Shannon pitched three-and-a-half innings, and had eight strikeouts while surrendering only two runs. He was awarded with the save for his effort. Mines starter Matt Poulin was credited with his win second win of the year, and the other pitcher of record was Nebraska Kearney’s Cory Ridenour.

I thought I was a Civil…

Fear not, my dedicated followers. I have not forgotten you, nor will I ever leave you to cry in your rooms with no one to speak of your pain. In the last few months this particular po’ed student has been silent, but that is just because school is kicking my butt. What everyone says about junior year is true. But enough about that, I have something to say.


Collaboration aims to provide energy efficient housing

In a collaborative effort to bring more energy efficiency into housing construction, the Paradigm project aims to offer affordable housing in the area of Lafayette, Colorado. To discuss the first stage of construction, Scott Simkus of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and representatives of the Farnsworth Group, an engineering and architectural firm, spoke at CSM’s Heiland Lecture.

Scientific discoveries this week: 3-26-12

San Diego, California – Molecular biologists recently discovered a way to force mice to confuse memories of past experiences with current experiences. The study involved placing mice in a cage with non-descript white walls, and injecting them with a shot of clozapine, a schizophrenia drug. The mice’s brains developed receptors that would trigger whenever clozapine was injected, which resulted in the brain’s neurons recreating whatever memory was associated with the drug. The researchers then placed the mice in a cage with checkered walls, and delivered a set of mild electric shocks to their feet while injecting them with clozapine. Interestingly, every time the mice were placed in the cage with the shocks, they would expect no shocks or pain, because they confused the checkered cage with the plain one. The researchers also found that another shot of the drug would essentially unscramble the mice’s thoughts.

This Week in Colorado History: Black Powder Blues

Two CSM freshmen had a close call this week in 1914 when they found and accidentally detonated a can of black powder. The students chose to spend their Saturday exploring Mt. Zion, but became cold. They came across an old blacksmith shop and decided to warm up by building a fire in the forge. The students began experimenting. They grabbed a piece of steel, heated it, and “struck [it] sharply over the anvil.”

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