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Open invitation to CSM students

On Saturday, March 31, from Noon till 2:00pm an Open House will be held at Calvary Church Golden. Located at 1320 Arapahoe Street this event enters off 14th Street. Come meet your neighbor and take a tour. Calvary covers the entire city block with many amenities. Looking for a place to hold meetings or run a fund raiser? Calvary is the perfect venue for CSM.

Left Brain Rebels

Golden Colorado- I want you to think of an engineering or applied science field; in your notion of this does Art (creativity) come to mind? The general notion is that science must be separated from art, that in college a student must choose art or science, but the reality is as engineers and applied scientists we must attempt to find balance between the two. In reality, science is a feat of heightened creativity.


Community Spotlight: Jimmy John’s

In Downtown Golden, within walking distance of the Mines campus on Washington Street is a store with a black overhang and a brightly lit red neon sign which says “Free Smells.” It is Jimmy John’s, a classic sandwich restaurant that creates delicious sandwiches for any occasion. With great seating indoors and tables outdoors, Jimmy John’s presents a comfortable dining experience.


Geek of the Week: Max Mazzochhi, Sophomore, Comp Sci

Contrary to popular belief, there are plenty of geeks who know how to be social and this week’s geek, Max Mazzocchi, certainly fits the bill. You may find him roaming Bradford Hall as its first floor RA or running to and from swing dancing or the Ballroom Dance club. You may also find him staring at a computer screen as he works out his latest program for the Urban Gaming club, or just walking around the school on his nineteenth cup of coffee because he has not slept in two days. Despite his busy schedule, the Oredigger Newspaper has managed to steal Mazzocchi away from his responsibilities to find out how he does it all.

Science merges with art

At the surface, science and the arts appear to be worlds apart, yet according to Dr. Teresa S. Unseld, that could not be further from the truth. Unseld, an Associate Professor of Art and Design Education at the University of Arts, believes that, “Science needs to find a place for the arts.”

Scott Nelson

Minds at Mines: Pep Band Songs

As any sports fan knows, crowds love to get excited about their team, no matter what the sport. An energized the crowd gives the team a boost of morale, propelling them to further glory. During the game it is the actions of the players that excite the crowd, but when the team is not on the court, it is up to the pep band to keep the morale high. To see which songs get them motivated, this week, Minds at Mines asked the CSM pep band, “What is your favorite song to get the crowd pumped up and excited.”

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