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Alara: Chapter 10

The sun had barely risen when Telloc delivered an abrupt wake-up call. He brought with him a small plate with what looked like bread and cooked meat. The meat tasted like rabbit. She followed, still half-asleep, to an underground cavern made of the same metal walls as the rest of the place. Weapons lined every inch of available wall space. Marna was standing at the far end of the room, talking to the other man she met yesterday. His shoulders were hunched forward as if he was carrying a heavy pack. Occasionally his tongue would dart out to wet his lips. They abruptly stopped when they heard Telloc call out.

This Week in Colorado History: Power lines and winter wheat

This week in 1924, the Jefferson County Power & Light Company made some encouraging announcements regarding lighting and phone service at the Golden City Council meeting. The telephone, power, and tramway companies had been asked to move their lines from the main avenue so ornamental lights could be put into place, but the ornamental light project had to be deferred, meaning the poles could be deferred as well.

Music Review: The Shins, Port of Morrow

The Shins, a band known for bridging the gap between mainstream music and indie music, became a household name when they were first heard in the movie “Garden State.” From that point on, The Shins was no longer referred to as “that band you have probably never heard of.” Normally, when a band crosses this line, the “hipster” community turns on them. Curiously, though, The Shins have managed to maintain a balance between both of these parties. The music from The Shins encompasses so many musical tastes, few dislike them. Something in their music speaks to every listener. For this reason, when lead singer James Mercer kicked all of the old members out of the band and brought in an entirely new line-up for the fourth Shins album, the world was worried.

Tech Break: Top 5 newly free apps

With college comes cost, and it seems like everywhere you turn there is a new one. One place where no one wants to see cost is in the entertainment on their smart phone, and now you do not need to. App Tracker compiles a list of apps that go on sale for a short period of time, and the best part is, the apps are free. While there are some fairly obscure apps that make you wonder why anyone would need them, there are some useful and entertaining free apps.

Students save big at Golden businesses

It is no secret that Golden embraces the Mines community. Many local stores welcome business from the campus by offering special discounts to Mines students.

By far the most widespread of these discounts is Golden’s Golden Ticket Program. Available to anyone that completes a Coors Brewery Tour, these discounts offer great deals at over 80 companies in and around the Golden area. Upon completion of a tour, guests are offered a Golden Ticket which must then be scratched off like a lottery ticket at participating merchants to receive the discount. The discounts range in value from 5% to 20% off of the customer’s purchase. Even though some restrictions apply, and are written on the ticket, it is a way to save some money and support Golden businesses.

Parks and Recreation vs. The Office

When “Parks and Recreation” debuted four years ago, it received faint praise. Created and produced by the people behind “The Office,” the show had a very similar style. The only difference between Steve Carell’s Michael and Amy Poehler’s Leslie was gender, but the television world only allows one Michael Scott. At some point between the first and second seasons though, Greg Daniels heard the world’s complaints and made some changes.


Community Spotlight: Old Capitol Grill

In downtown Golden on Washington Avenue stands a building that seems to be straight out of the 1920s. Old Capitol Grill was last remodeled in 1993, and the outside restored to its former glory. Built by W.A.H. Loveland, the building that houses the Old Capitol Grill was once the capitol building of the Colorado territory. The first legislature sessions were held there in 1866, during the time when Denver and Golden were in a battle over which city would become the capital city. Loveland, himself, was one of Mines first trustees, and the school held some of its first sessions in his building as well. Old Capitol Grill spans the Loveland building, as well as the north side of the building, built by Adolf Coors.


Local Travel: Spend a day on the Eastern Plains

Tourism is a major industry of Colorado. People come from all over to ski at the Rocky Mountain resorts and enjoy Denver. Sometimes, people even stop in at Colorado Springs or Golden or the geographical oddity of Four Corners. However, this severely neglects one major region of Colorado – the eastern plains. Admittedly, the eastern plains lack the grandeur of the mountains and the urban setting of Denver, but those looking for a relaxing day or weekend trip, and unafraid of somewhat long and desolate drives, should venture to them. With that in mind, this column proposes a single day itinerary in north-eastern Colorado.

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