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Geek of the Week: Eileen Hartsock, Junior, Environmental

Some geeks make it through this school with the assurance that engineers, scientists, and general nerds either rule the world already or are going to rule it very soon. Most are subtle about a conscious or sub-conscious desire to reign over all. Then there are people like Eileen Hartsock, who are very adamant about their plans to rule over all of humanity. This environmental engineer granted “The Oredigger” an exclusive interview before she enacted her secret plans to declare herself supreme ruler of the Earth.

Music Review: Fanfarlo, Rooms Filled with Light

In “Rooms Filled with Light,” Fanfarlo presents an entirely different sound than in their first album, “Reservoir.” The first track, “Replicate,” contains many of the same prevalent strings as some of the tracks from “Reservoir,” but the song teeters with vocals that break out from that routine. For another band, this could result in a song that spends the whole time building towards an explosion, but burns out before it gets there. Instead, Fanfarlo uses it as a launching point for the album. Listeners cling to Simon Balthazar’s voice as he leads them into the next song, “Destruction,” which begins with the same synthetic start as some of the songs from “Reservoir.” It then busts into some surf rock mixed with ’80s style pop. Needless to say, “Destruction” resonates as the catchiest song on the album.


Minds at Mines: HvZ

Minds at Mines Humans vs. Zombies
Ian Mertz

While normally considered a peaceful place, twice a year the Colorado School of Mines becomes the site of an epic battle for survival. The event, known as Humans vs. Zombies, pits student against student in a week-long series of missions and activities planned by the Mines Urban Gaming Club. In a neutral, indoor site, Minds at Mines met up with five participants and asked, “What is your favorite part about the Humans vs. Zombies activity? What is the best part about being a human or a zombie?”

Scientific discoveries this week: 4-16-12

Marseille, France – Monkeys may have the intelligence to identify and effectively “read” short English words. In a study conducted by cognitive psychologists in France, baboons showed an ability to identify the unique arrangement of letters in each word. During the study, the monkeys would approach a touch screen computer. An arrangement of letters would appear and the monkeys would touch an “x” or an “o” depending on whether they believed the letters constituted a word. At the end of the study, the monkeys correctly distinguished words from non-words 75% of the time.

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