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Minds at Mines: Joining the Circus

As the semester draws to a close and sunshine and warm weather make staying inside during class increasingly difficult, the thought of leaving the Colorado School of Mines becomes increasingly attractive. The “anywhere but here” mentality is being felt all over campus. This prompted Minds at Mines to ask a rather unusual question this week, “What would you do if you joined the circus and why?”

Grinds my gears: Trend followers

There has been a history of certain trends that start off with everybody having to buy them, and then they end up almost exclusively in backwoods trailer parks. I would like to cite the whole Ed Hardy and Affliction shirt craze. At first, everybody from Kanye West to Sylvester Stallone was rocking jeans with some ornate skull biting a rose in its teeth, and now the only people sporting the overpriced style are five-year-old rappers and Louisiana swamp royalty.

High Grade 2012: Something For everyone

High Grade, the Colorado School of Mines’ Literary Arts Journal, released its 2012 edition on Friday April 20 at 5:30 pm. Those who attended the release party were treated to drinks, free food, an elaborate display, and readings from the journal. All genres were represented at the readings with several music pieces (both instrumental and non-instrumental), poetry readings, and one of the journal’s short stories, “Surfacing”. Shane Schrader, Editor in Chief of High Grade, thanked everyone for coming and introduced each performer with the exception of himself. High Grade’s faculty adviser Toni Lefton, stepped in to present Schrader as the party’s host performed.

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