ASCSM Election Results

Over E-days I was elected to be the 2012-2013 Student Body President. I am very excited to help lead student government and represent all of Mines’ students. I will be working with a talented team. Next year’s student government will be:

Student Body President: Matthew McNew

Student Body Vice-President: Tyler Cooper

Board of Trustees Representative: Stephanie Bonucci

At-Large to the Institution: Josh Ho

At-Large to the Faculty: Alyssa Brown

At-Large to the Community: Zachary Woolsey

Class Presidents: Aaron Pfeifer, Samuel Cooper, Sydney Rogers

Class Representatives: Samantha Hawkins, James Nunley, Rachel Wiechman, Mitchell Murphy, Lauren Schumacher, Dawa Sherpa

It should be an exciting year. If you would like to be involved in Student Government please let me let me know. Send me an email:

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