Beer Review: Odell Brewery: Easy Street

Nestled in Fort Collins, the small Odell Brewery serves cold and refreshing beer to Colorado year round. This week’s beer on tap, Easy Street, delivers a pleasing and relaxing atmosphere in which to drink.

Easy Street smells of wheat with hints of orange. While not overbearing, the aroma gently tickles with a sweet scent and a bread-like overtone. The head, or foam at the top of the beer, contains many of the aromatic compounds that lend beer its unique flavor. While fragrant, the head lingers shortly and quickly subsides back into the golden liquid.

The cloudy appearance of Easy Street along with its light gold color classify it as a typical wheat beer. Small pieces of yeast float in the beer, which yield a crisp and bubbly texture when consumed. The yeast also delivers the flavor of bread to the pallet. Citrus undertones cause a mouth-watering effect which makes the drinker yearn for another sip of beer. Easy Street finishes with a twang which comes from the citrus. A bit sour and sweet, it brings contrast to the dry beginning of the beer to deliver a mouth-watering wet finish.

While the beer tastes good, the flavor is anything but exciting. Overall, Odell Brewery provides a decent wheat beer, but it is only slightly better than more common and cheaper options like Blue Moon. On the topic of money, a twelve-pack of Easy Street will cost about sixteen dollars whereas Blue Moon will set a buyer back about thirteen dollars. The benefit of Easy Street is that the brewery added the subtlety of citrus to their brewing process rather than giving the option to add an orange once it leaves the tap. Easy Street delivers a crisp and light wheat beer as compared to Blue Moon’s heavy and filling ale.

The quality of Easy Street is very good, and drinkers can tell that time and energy was expended concocting this beverage. Therefore, the overall verdict on this beer is that it tastes good, but it lacks anything to make it a standout beverage. So, the next time you have an option to buy beverages for a party or get-together, this beer will serve that purpose well, as long as you have the extra money. In a college environment, though, the Blue Moon will do just fine.

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