Community Spotlight: 5th Ring Coffee House

Across from Golden High School, a unique atmosphere is brewed at the 5th Ring Coffee House. While the shop may not be the largest coffee house around, 5th Ring ensures top quality on everything they serve. Every cup of drip coffee is made to order with new grounds at a small stand right next to the register. A nearby table provides any add-ins a customer would want, including cinnamon, nutmeg, honey, creamer, and milk to list a few. 5th Ring also serves a lineup of lattes, cappuccinos, Italian sodas, and a few specialty drinks created by the staff.

For breakfast, the shop features a cereal bar, burritos, and sandwiches. A warmed pastry from their display or a made to order French toast complete a wholesome and delicious breakfast.

The coffee house contains helpful and polite staff accompanied by a comfortable atmosphere. Large windows make up the front wall and provide excellent lighting for studying (free wi-fi for customers), reading, or just relaxing. Large couches and a bar near the windows add to the ambiance. 5th Ring occasionally features live music from mostly local artists or bands. They helped the City of Golden during the Fine Arts Festival in August by showcasing oil and pastel paintings from local painters. For those who do not have the time to sit down, 5th Ring offers a drive-thru.

Only a short walk or drive from campus, 5th Ring Coffee House offers fresh-brewed coffee, great morning meals, and a place to relax and do homework.

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