Community Spotlight: Snarfs

Recently opened on Washington Avenue in the space next to Starbucks, a small banner denotes a quirky little sandwich shop named Snarfs where delicious sandwiches are served up daily. Named “Best of Boulder” every year since 1997, this small chain that was founded in Boulder has received compliments from Longmont Times-Call and Yellow Scene. They have since expanded from their start in Boulder to eleven locations in Colorado, two in Chicago, and one in St. Louis.

Snarfs has a sandwich for everyone, with twenty-one options ranging from ham and American cheese and eggplant parmesan, to a hot-dog sandwich with mustard and ketchup. Customers can order more than the standard six and twelve inch sandwiches, in fact, they named their five inch sandwich “novice”, the seven inch “Snarf, and the twelve inch “pro”. Therefore, the customer can spend and receive as much food as they desire. The freshest food on the menu are Snarfs’ salads which include tuna, Cobb, chicken, or even the Snarf specialty.

Not all Snarfs locations serve breakfast, but the Golden location serves breakfast starting when the shop opens at 7:00 am on the weekdays. They make a variety of basic breakfast sandwiches and have a lineup of more gourmet options such as lox and cream cheese, spinach, mushroom, egg and cheese, or their “Three Little Pigs” sandwich with sausage, bacon, ham, egg, and cheese.

With all the delicious options Snarfs offers for any time of day, everyone leaves with their stomach full. Snarfs locations teamed up with ClearEco’s Sustainable Oil Service to more responsibly handle some of their waste. All of Snarfs’ leftover hot pepper oil is recycled with the help of the Sustainable Oil Service into bio-diesel that is used for transport. With that combination of good food and sustainable business practices, Snarfs can go toe-to-toe with the best sandwich restaurants in town.

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